Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Flat Fixed

Looks like one of the attack cacti must have get my rear tire while I was riding at White Tanks. It was a pinhole with the tip of a spine caught in it, so small that drowning the overinflated tube in the bathroom sink showed only a small bubble every few seconds (Yes, I'm living alone right now until the house sells in Kansas, so I was able to clean up the mess before anyone commented). The tire didn't have an obvious hole and there was no sign of a hole. Got it back together last night and was on the trail again this morning.

In two months of riding almost every day, this was my first flat. Apparently, knocking on wood did no good.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Got up at 4:45 to go out for a morning ride before work.

Flat tire on the rear.

Went back to bed.

Monday, October 22, 2007

White Tanks

I spent Sunday afternoon at the White Tank Mountains competitive track, and, except for a couple of interesting sections (the technical loop and the northern loop) the trails were kind of ho-hum. The scenery was impressive, but for riding, the trails generally were not. I did actualy remember to bring my camera this time. Funny how these desert shots all start to look alike!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Red Mountain

For a sunday ride, I drove over to the area south of Red mountain and rode about 6 miles on the trails. As recommended, I parked the truck near the Walgreen's at Thomas and Power Rds, then rode the 1.7 miles to the trailhead. The trails are the best I've ridden in Phoenix so far, smooth, curvy and just plain fun. On one section of the Ridge Trail, there was a flat black painted full suspension MTB stuck in some rocks like a roadside monument. On closer inspection, it turned out to be a department store bike that was left behind because walking probably turned out to be a more quality experience.
The only drawback to Red Mountain is that the trailhead is almost 50 miles from my apartment in Glendale. Its all freeway, so time isn't a big deal, but at 18 mpg, that's a lot of dinosaur juice for a couple hours on the bike.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

At 10:00am the temperature was a delightful 72 degrees. I parked at Dreamy Draw and headed toward the west end of the T100 trail. It starts with a fairly steep and rocky climb followed by a steep and rocky descent. It’s not the best way to warm up. However, after the first ½ mile or so, the trail turns into a technically interesting ride. I followed it for about 3 miles then backtracked to the start point. I headed up dreamy Draw just to see if my lungs could make the climb without the audible gasps for air that echo off the canyon walls like an asthmatic rutting bull elk. Fortunately, the climb was good, I stopped only long enough to let two guys go screaming down without running over me. From Conversation point, I went north and caught 220 for the descent to the parking lot. 220 has a section of 20 yards or so where I chickened out and walked the bike down. Great day for a ride.

Friday, October 12, 2007


So, Old Fat & Slow took 11 days off from working and riding, and went to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland. Flew to Portland and met up with my honey, who flew in from Kansas. We stopped to see our family, especially grandson, who is recovering from a bruised spine (football injury), then off to the Grand Lodge in Forest Grove where we met up with Sean and Michele. Quick trip to the beach to see grandpa and back to the Grand Lodge for another night. Hooked up with old friends and drove to Ashland for a relaxing week of theater, food, sleeping in, food and more theater. Great trip!

Unfortunately, the vacation left me older fatter and slower. It was back to the early morning rides and 10-12 hour work days. The weekend should be pretty comfortable in Phoenix, with highs of about 85. Time to burn off some of that blubber. (that word courtesy of Su Ling!) Chubby ate too much lately, so the word applies this time.