Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Mercedes Did

To begin, I don't own a Mercedes, never have, probably never will. Its just time for a rant, which I don't often do.

If you watch TV, you've probably seen the ad with three people relating tales of negligent driving who didn't realize something, but "Thankfully my Mercedes did." This ad is dumber than the ads of people driving like idiots on city streets, Lexus, Infinity, Volvo, you know who you are.

This ad basically says that its ok to drive tired, distracted, texting, or whatever else you might do instead of actually driving while behind the wheel. C'mon advertisers, there is no substitute for attentive driving. If a drivers actually trust systems that stop the car, warn of lane drifting, etc. they ought not be on the road, or they need a chauffeur.

We're coming up to the time when an ad shows some drunk explaining how his blood alcohol level was 2.5% and he drove home and didn't kill anyone, but his Mercedes did.