Wednesday, March 31, 2010

For a little change of pace from Phoenix, we took a vacation to Ashland Oregon, which is usually pretty springlike in late March. This week, it has been dropping below freezing at night and reaching highs in the low 40s. In spite of the weather, Sean and I decided to ride some of the trails above town. It was snowing when we unloaded the bikes and started out. The trail we took started out at about 2500ft and climbed to around 3400ft in 2 miles. Both of us being in winter condition, we pushed the bikes a good portion of that distance. Being slippery added to the charm. Once at the top of the climb, we had an enjoyable run across some sidehills, then down a trail that was reminiscent of Little Bear at Flagstaff. The snow depth got to about 3 inches and the temp hovered around 32.
Given our poor level of condition, we had no problem keeping warm in spite of being wet and muddy. Good times